Dhanwantari Foundation International

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To establish various Educational & Professional institutions like Veda Pathasalas, Sanskrit Colleges, Medical Colleges, Engineering Colleges, Arts Colleges, various Professional Colleges & various Research Institutions etc., and establish a Deemed University so that our community people will utilize the services for better positioning themselves in the Society irrespective of their Economic status.

To establish Vocational Training and self-employment generating institutes to help large number of poor unemployed youth of our community.

To create health service facilities, also within the reach of poorer strata of our community.

To develop entrepreneurship qualities among community and train them for self-employment generation and able to start their own establishments.

To establish strong global network by developing database of all members of our community so that it will be useful for common benefits such as employment opportunities,marriage alliances, tie-ups with insurance companies for healthcare services etc.

To establish trust hospital-cum-old age homes at all possible centers to help the helpless old people of our community to live in peaceful atmostphere at the fag end of their life.

To establish hostels for students, working men & women in various centers.

To publish a magazine giving information of various facilities, day-to-day developments of DFI etc.

To uplift temple purohits who are living under very pathetic conditions and strengthen them so that they can guide rest of the community to live in accordance with true moral code of Brahmins.

Ultimately, Groom the Community into a Unified Force to reckon with and Influence every sphere of Public Life in India and abroad to attain a respectable status in the society.