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  • Dhanwantari Foundation International Brahmana Jagruti, a subsidiary of DFI, has been registered as a public charitable trust with the Sub-Registrar, Rajendranagar, Ranga Reddy District, Hyderabad .
  • The Trust undertakes several traditional as well as service activities like conducting Yagams, free Upanayanams, Purohit services, extension of financial assistance to meritorious students, etc. Details about Purohit services for conducting weddings and other ceremonies and also for performing Apara Karmas are being provided.
  • A huge sum of Rs.1,38,73,399/- was paid to 1722 poor students being financial assistance .
  • Caterers are arranged for occasions like weddings, birth day parties and other family functions.
  • Tailoring classes are conducted in some DFI branches.
  • Satyanarayana Vratham is being conducted in the DFI Administrative Office, Tilaknagar 'X' Roads on every Pournami day of the month. After the pooja, DFI staff would visit an orphanage and donate amount equal to one day meal to the inmates.

Following are the Trustees of DFI BRAHMANA JAGRUTI:

  1. Dr.Pantangi Kamalakara Sharma, Founder Chairman & Managing Trustee
  2. Dr.Pantangi Jayashree Sharma, Trustee
  3. Sri Vennelaganti Subba Rao, General Secretary
  4. Smt. Peesapati Satyasree, Trustee

Traditional Activities


DFI Members (couples) interested to participate and perform the “Pooja” pay a sum of Rs.1116/-and furnish their names & Gothram details. DFI will meet other expenditure including payment to Brahma as well as Pooja material.

Members may also participate in the Scheme by depositing a sum of Rs.6,116/- . Pooja will be performed every month with their “Gotranamas” and “Prasadam” will be sent to them by post. They can also participate in the pooja personally once in a year. The amount paid by them will be remitted in the Bank as fixed deposit and the interest accrued only will be used for the service. The amount advanced by the participating members will be refunded to them any time at their request.

Members can remit the amounts directly to our Account “Dhanwantari Foundation International Brahmana Jagruti”, Union Bank of India, Himayathnagar, Account No. 555702010002124, IFS Code: UBIN0555576.

Cheques can also be sent to Administrative Office, Dhanwantari Foundation International Brahmana Jagruti, H.No.2-2-1108/6/8, Tilaknagar X Roads, Amberpet, Hyderabad-500044 or hand over the same at the nearest DFI Branch against receipt.

For further details, members may please contact Smt.B.Uma Rani @ 9963344113.