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  • Since Vedic period, cow is respected as an abode of God and called ‘Gomata’. In many of ancient texts, it was referred as ‘Kamadhenu’ (desire fulfiller). However today its condition is very pitiable. When the cow stops giving milk, it is neglected and considered as a burden and sent to slaughter house.
  • Foundation Stone for the Goshala of Dhanwantari Foundation International Gosamrakshana Trust was laid on 30.7.2015 by Dr. Kamalakara Sharma, Founder and Managing Trustee at Mallapuram Village, Midjil Mandal, Mahaboobnagar District, Telangana State.
  • The main objective of Dhanwantari Foundation International Gosamrakshana Trust is to protect and take all measures for rearing the cows and highlight the importance of the cow and its progeny to modern civilization, which sustains the Eco process and propagate harmony in the species including humans.

The Trust was registered with the following personalities as Trustees.

  1. Dr. Pantangi Kamalakara Sharma – Managing Trustee
  2. Late. Sri P.V.R.K. Prasad IAS (Rtd.,) Chief Adviser(expired on 21-08-2017)
  3. Late Sri V.S. Rao – General Secretary (expired on 08-01-2021)
  4. Smt. V. Prameela Rani
  5. Smt. P. Satyasree
  6. Sri Nippani Rama Mohana Rao
  7. Smt. Akella Anuradha
  8. Sri K. Vasudeva Murthy
  9. Smt. L. Padmaja

Total Project was taken up at a cost of Rupees 58 lakhs.

The Project includes:

  1. Provision for 20 Desi Cow shed
  2. Care Taker Quarters
  3. Chaff cutter and Storage Shed
  4. Cow based Utility product preparation and Packing shed
  5. Veterinary Clinic / Consultant Room
  6. Bull Shed
  7. Calf Shed
  8. Sick Animals Treatment shed
  9. Bore well
  10. Raising CO4 fodder grass in 2.0 Ac land under Raingun Irrigation system
  11. Vermicompost Shed.

The above works have been completed.


  • At present, we are having 54+ Desi cows and we are taking care of their health with the assistance of Veterinary Department.
  • In order to accomidate another 100 desi cows it is proposed to construct another Goshala (size 120' X 44 ') in the same premises opposite to the existing goshala.
  • Construction of Goshala would cost approximately 50 lakh rupees for providing all amenities for another 100 cows.

S.No Name of the Donor Place Receipt No Goshala Donation Amount
  1 Sri P.V.R.K.Prasad & P.R.N.V.Chaitanya Hyderabad 76584 Grass Rs.1000.00
  2 Smt.P.Sita Mahalakshmi Secunderabad 76583 Grass Rs.500.00
  3 Sri K.Srinivas Hyderabad 71343 Grass Rs.500.00
  4 Sri J.Balakrishna Prasad Ananthapuram 74650 Grass Rs.500.00
  5 Smt.G.Sarojamma Ananthapuram 74649 Grass Rs.500.00
  6 Smt.G.Haripriya Ananthapuram 74648 Grass Rs.500.00
  7 Y.Seshagiri Kakinada 76867 Grass Rs.1000.00
  8 Smt & Sri Umashankar & Mahalakshmi Kakinada 76866 Grass Rs.500.00
  9 Smt K.Prabhavathi in memory of Late Sri Veerabhadra Rao Peddapuram 76865 Grass Rs.500.00
  10 Smt J.Prabhavathy Hyderabad 74228 Grass Rs.2,000.00
  11 Smt & Sri M.Mohan Rao & Prabhavathi Hyderabad 158 Grass Rs.1000.00
  12 Sri.B.Ravi Shankar Hyderabad 77529 Grass Rs.599.00
  13 Sri K.Sundara Srinivas Hyderabad 71347 Grass Rs.500.00
  14 Sri.J.Veeranjaneyulu Hyderabad 76595 Grass Rs.1000.00
  15 Late Sri Ch.Padmanabham Hyderabad 76597 Grass Rs.500.00
  16 Late Smt.Ch.Bhavani Hyderabad 76596 Grass Rs.500.00
  17 Sri V. Satyanarayana Murthy Vijayawada 71346 Grass Rs.500.00

Dhanwantarians may send their donations by cheque / DD in favour of "DFI Gosamrakshana Trust" and hand over the cheque / DD in any of the DFI branches or in DFI Admin office against receipt. Donations can also be made online to Union Bank of India ,Himayathnagar, Hyderabad. A/C No: 555702010003644, IFS code: UBIN0802018

Online Donations see the Website: www.dfigosamrakshana.org

For further details, members may please contact Sri.N.RAMAMOHANA RAO @ 9441585999.